Sober Truth Opportunity Program


The purpose of the Sober Truth Opportunity Program (STOP) is to prevent and reduce alcohol use among youth and young adults ages 12-20 in communities throughout the United States. 

The program aims to: 

(1) address norms regarding alcohol use by youth 

(2) reduce opportunities for underage drinking 

(3) create changes in underage drinking enforcement efforts

(4) address penalties for underage use

(5) reduce negative consequences associated with underage drinking (e.g., motor vehicle crashes, sexual assaults) 

In addition, the STOP program builds on the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Strategic Plans.

Program Activities

Partnering with schools, parish government, law enforcement, DA’s office, and other governmental agencies to coordinate in reducing alcohol use among youth and young adults.

Collaborate with local organizations to enforce or create ordinances that will reduce underage drinking and discourage adults from sharing alcohol with minors.

Educate community leaders about the consequences of violating the Social Host Ordinance in Bogalusa

Educate the Washington Parish Council on Social Hosting and give guidance in best practices for developing a parish-wide Ordinance.

Conduct social media campaigns to promote practices effective in preventing and reducing alcohol use among youth.

Work with members of the Youth Coalition to plan and conduct a Town Hall Meeting addressing substance-use on both sides of the parish.

STOP Staff

Jana Pounds, Program Director

(985) 735-0160

Paige Garic, STOP Project Coordinator

(985) 735-0160