Faith Based Organizations

Some Suggested Activities:

Coloring Contest - Have a coloring contest and consider posting the entries on social media to see whose pages get the most votes. Contact ADAPT for some free color sheets.

Board Game Night – Get a collection of board games (Monopoly, Checkers, Life, Parcheesi, etc.) and let kids have fun playing against each other.

Host a drive-in movie night - Grab some cardboard boxes that are big enough for kids to sit in. Then round up your kids and their friends. Have them decorate the boxes to look like cars. When the sun gets low in the sky, project a kid-friendly movie onto a sheet hanging outside on side of your building. The kids can view the movie while sitting in their “cars” in the driveway. Serve popcorn, juice boxes, and other snacks. You can also do this inside if you have the space.

Have a family fun night dedicated to performing random acts of kindness - This one takes some planning, but it is a fun way to share the joy of being kind and receiving nothing in return. There are lots of ideas on the internet, but let the kids be part of the brainstorming and planning. They will learn as much from the planning as from doing the activities. You might be surprised at their ideas.

World Record Night - You probably won’t break any real-world records, but it might be fun to try a few of your own. Who can blow the biggest bubble? Who can memorize the longest Bible verse in one minute? Who can remember the longest set of numbers? Who can spit a mini marshmallow the farthest? Who can get across the gym the fastest while holding their ankles? Keep records and make it an annual event!

Karaoke Night - Challenge your youth group to a karaoke contest featuring popular church songs or ones that have been vetted as PG-friendly. Ask church staff members to serve as impartial judges and offer small prizes to winners in categories such as “best individual performance,” “best group performance” and “best adaptation.”

Photo Scavenger Hunt - Instead of telling groups exactly what to look for, challenge them to get creative and give them 30 minutes to take a picture that best represents the given prompt or challenge. The list can include song titles, movie titles, “items that look like” (youth pastor’s pet, small group leader’s favorite food, youth pastor’s dream car, etc.), or best place in the church to hide during Sunday School.

Quiz Night - Divide your group into teams of four or five for a gathering you can hold quarterly. Assign a book of the Bible (or select chapters from one) and tell students to study up because they’ll be competing for pride and prizes in a quiz-style competition. You could purchase buzzers if you want to be interactive or research an app that lets students answer via smart phone. Genius Tip: Use this list of Bible trivia questions to get started.

Service Scavenger Hunt - Wipe down a counter, pick trash out of the landscaping, clean a window. Make a list of things students can do on or near church campus to help others. Snap a picture and see who can really outdo themselves serving others.

Shine Your Light Night - Sometimes just saying “thank you” to those who get overlooked is a great way to shine your light in a dark world. Plan a night where students write thank you notes to those who they see serving others but don’t often get a sincere “thank you.” Some ideas: a cafeteria worker at their school, church maintenance staff, postal worker, librarian or cashier at a local store. Have them list a reason or two about why that person is a blessing to them. Ask the students in their notes to be specific about something they appreciate about that person and to pray for that person both before and after they share their note.

Visit A Nursing Home - Visiting a nursing home is a wonderful way for your youth group to serve together because everyone can do it, and it shows your kids that sometimes attention and conversation are profound gifts we can use to love others.

Spaghetti And Marshmallow Tower - split your group into as many teams as you have supplies (keeping around 3-4 members in a group). Provide each group with one pack of spaghetti and one pack of large marshmallows. Teams are charged to use their supplies to build the tallest freestanding tower they can (meaning that holding the tower up for measuring is against the rules). Give the groups a certain time limit during which they can construct their tower – anywhere from 5-15 minutes generally works well – and give them a one-minute warning before their time up.The winning team is the one with the tallest freestanding tower, as measured by the game leader. Break any ties by having the teams move their tower across the room and measuring again, not allowing them to fix any breakages.

Water Game Night – Set up different stations where kids can have fun getting wet.

Water Sponge - A team of players uses sponges to collect water and fill up a bucket as quick as they can.

Fishing for Marbles - Players use their feet to fish for marbles in a bucket of icy cold water!

Tug of Water War! - Play tug of war with a pool of water in the middle so the losers will get wet.

Water Bomber - Players throw water bombs at each other to eliminate them from the game.

Water Balloon Dodge ball – Play dodge ball using water balloons so not only do players get out, they get wet.

Wading Pools – Have some kiddie pools placed around for kids to splash around in.

Slip ‘N Slide Kickball - If you have a group of athletic, competitive students this one is for you. Basically it’s kickball but you add a slip ‘n slide between the bases.

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